Price Spa in Bali Ubud for Hot Stone Massage


Price Spa in Bali Ubud – Bali really deserves its honorary degree, The Island of Gods. Bali Luxury Holiday offers discerning travelers with outstanding natural beauty, rich cultural history and all the pleasures of a fantastic 5-star resort. Most importantly, this island paradise and its quiet people give you a calm tranquility from the pressures of modern life. If you are looking for a place to rest and renew your mind, body and soul, let find spa in Ubud, Bali.

One of the spa in Ubud is Wapa. Wapa famous style is in the forest with views of the rainforest. It has features a whirlpool bath, beauty center and 2 private massage rooms with treatments featuring natural oils and beautiful perfume mixes. Indonesian herbs and spices add to the traditional nature of our care that is rich in total wellbeing and our trained therapists will gladly explain every step.

Price Spa in Bali Ubud in Wapa for neck and and shoulder massage is about IDR 243.750 up to IDR 286.765. This is a wonderful relaxation massage that targets all places that bring tension, head, neck and shoulders. Funny and relaxed will be moved to the landscape and relax and return in the end feel feel, relax and energize.

Another option is Ballinese Massage for 60 minutes. Traditional Balinese massage is done with talented hands, as has been done for generations such as mix stretching, acupressure and lengthening. Jasmine massage oil will make you calm as well as regenerate. This massage is designed to relax.

Then you also choose Hot Stone Massage for 60 minutes. It combines massage therapy and hot stone therapy designed to give your body deep relaxation. Not just sliding the hot stone lightly on the surface of the skin. For this threatment, you can pay IDR 731250 up to IDR 860.294. For more information, you can visit SpaOngo and Autocillin. Hope you can find best Price Spa in Bali Ubud.